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Licensed Medical Facility OTC6400

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Since 1996, Sun Valley Services, Incorporated of Mesa, Arizona has provided DUI (Driving Under the Influence) Screening, Education, Treatment, and Revocation Packets and is the premier East Valley location for Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) certified Traffic Survival School (TSS).  We utilize a cognitive-behavioral and reality therapy approach, focused on identifying the triggers the lead to alcohol abuse, while developing a strategic plan to develop future occurrences.  Providing flexible scheduling and dynamic, interactive classes, Sun Valley Services, Inc., strives to provide the most affordable and best possible solutions enabling individuals to complete the necessary MVD requirements to return to our roads safely and legally.

In addition to DUI and TSS services, as a state licensed medical facility, Sun Valley Services  provides customized family counseling and behavioral health solutions, as well as, career and job coaching services.  By providing education in family economics and financial education and family in crisis interventions, Sun Valley Services, Inc. in Mesa, AZ helps to guide families through the emotional, physical and financial burdens caused by dysfunctional relationships and 

reckless behavior.